wabisabiのロゴマーク wabisabiのロゴマーク

wabisabiメインビジュアル/lounge with premium wine in singapore wabisabiメインビジュアル/lounge with premium wine in singapore

Private members’ wine lounge,
limited to 100 members only

Enjoy top-notch Napa Valley wine
at the most reasonable price in Singapore.


At WABI-SABI, you can even indulge a glass of rare wine which is often unavailable in the market by sharing with like minded members.

Wine from Napa Valley is our forte, we are fortunate to have access to exclusive sources for Kenzo Estate, Opus one etc, providing the most exequit taste at the most reasonable price.

Discover one of the largest collections of fine wines in Singapore at WABI-SABI.

コンセプト/wabisabiのメインコンセプト コンセプト/wabisabiのメインコンセプト


Enjoy meeting and socialising
with like-minded people,
Exchange of wisdom and business ideas,
Creating new values and opportunities.

We provide a peaceful, stylish yet comfortable environment
for wine lovers as well as for those who simply enjoy socialising
with like-minded people.

We provide a peaceful, stylish yet comfortable environment for wine lovers, as well as for those who simply enjoy socialising with like-minded people.

WABI-SABI - Featured Winery
  • wabisabiのメンバーシップ同士の交流空間
  • wabisabiのメンバーシップ同士の交流空間
  • wabisabiのメンバーシップ同士の交流空間
  • wabisabiのメンバーシップ同士の交流空間
  • wabisabiのメンバーシップ同士の交流空間

winery/wabisabi保有ワイナリー winery/wabisabi保有ワイナリー

  • Napa Valley

    ― Freemark Abbey

    ― Colgin

    ― Kenzo Estate

    ― Opus One

    ― Harlan Estate

    ― Screaming Eagle

  • Bordeaux

    ― Ch.Lafite-Rothschild

    ― Ch.Latour

    ― Ch.Margaux

    ― Ch.Mouton Rothschild

    ― Ch.Haut Brion

    ― Ch.Calon Segur

    ― Ch.Petrus

  • Bourgogne

    ― DRC

    ― Meo Camuzet


    ― Belle Epoque

    ― Cristal

    ― Salon

メンバーシップ/wabisabiメンバーシップ会員ご案内 メンバーシップ/wabisabiメンバーシップ会員ご案内

Become a WABI-SABI member today

WABI-SABI Member Benefits

Member Benefits

  • Membership Privilege

    No Service Charge

    Enjoy 10% -> 0% for service charge each time you visit us.

  • Membership Privilege

    Exclusive invitation to 6-liter bottles opening party

    We leverage upon our extensive reach to source super rare large format wine for everyone’s pleasure in WABI-SABI. Please look forward to our regular events for large format wine opening.

  • Membership Privilege

    Omakase and Wine Pairing course:

    We are constantly creating new food menus to pair with our exquisite wine.

    ※We will send out our pairing menu to all WABI-SABI members once the pairing event is ready.

  • Membership Privilege

    Storage for bottles

    Members will be able to keep their bottles at our shop. Be assured to enjoy our unlimited storage period.

  • Membership Privilege

    Event Space For Business Meeting
    (Fully equipped with projectors)

    We also provide event space for business meetings or business reception events.
    Just simply contact us in advance.

  • Membership Privilege

    Share super rare and fine wine with other members

    At WABI-SABI, you can share rare and fine wines with each other among members. This is specially created to deepen friendship and create unforgettable memories.

  • Membership Privilege

    Best Price Guarantee

    At WABI-SABI, we guarantee to offer you our wine at the best price. If you find a cheaper price of the same wine at other restaurants or bars, please let us know. We will immediately offer it at a lower price.

  • Membership Privilege

    Referral only for Membership:

    The application will be closed once we reach 100 members, and only members will be allowed to enter. Quality over quantity, we value each member's privacy and ensure everybody can relax in our comfortable environment.

    ※Each member can bring along up to 2 non-members each time.

wabisabiのロゴマーク wabisabiのロゴマーク

Membership Fee


S$100/ Month

$S100/ Month

※Each member can bring along up to 2 non-members each time.

Don’t miss the opportunity and become a member today.